About Us

Introduction about the website

Considering the need for getting semi-skilled workers on the digital platform and making them be a part of a transforming India, this job portal is introduced to recruit labors with ease. With the development of infrastructure and the ever increasing requirement for manpower, it is imperative to keep up the working hands in the top of the project hierarchy.

India is viewed as one of the fastest growing economies, however, we still have enormous unemployment deficit. Altering this issue into a strength to build the infrastructure, not only resolves one of the biggest problems of our nation but also gives an opportunity to the deserving labors.

Message by Founder

Working with EPC firm for four years, gave me an understanding about the importance of manpower for the successful execution of any project and inspired me to develop this job-portal. Unfortunately, we still lack to associate, the link between enterprises and real working hands. Further, considering the fact, that as the semi-skilled workers are now entering the digital market, it is necessary to give them equal opportunities as given to other professionals. 

– Parin Gandhi
Parin Gandhi